Some are well-known; others are surprising


  1. George Gamow’s father Anton, a schoolteacher, taught the young Leon Trotsky, then known as Lev Bronstein. Trotsky tried to stir up trouble in the classroom by getting all the students to sign a petition to have Anton dismissed. Luckily for the Gamow family the…

How The Dead of Night Helped Inspire Three Astrophysicists to Rethink Reality

In 1946 three friends walked into a Cambridge cinema, looking for a solid distraction from the rigors of postwar Britain. They weren’t just an ordinary bunch of mates — the three were trained in astrophysics, possessed exceptional imaginations…

On the Trail of Astrophysicist and Writer Fred Hoyle

Fred Hoyle, born in Gilstead, England

In September 2019, my sabbatical research on the life and work of noted scientist and writer Sir Fred Hoyle brought me to England, and to the region of Bingley (including Gilstead and Eldwick) in the traditional and beautiful West Riding of…

Exclusive interview with Italian nuclear physicist Viviana Mossa about her team’s astonishing new deuterium-burning results

Imagining the Big Bang

In 1948, George Gamow and Ralph Alpher predicted that the bulk of the helium in the universe was created during the hot Big Bang by means of a multi-stage process, involving, as one of the…

From eerie encounters with purported psychics to “spooky action at a distance.”

Elsa and Albert Einstein with purported psychic Gene Dennis

Of all the writings by Albert Einstein, one of the most surprising of his contributions was his preface to Upton Sinclair’s 1930 book on telepathy, Mental Radio. Sinclair, a well-known writer (The Jungle) and social activist, wrote that…

Nobel laureate physicist Wolfgang Pauli had a penchant for hurling evil zingers at other scientists

Wolfgang Pauli with Paul Ehrenfest (CERN)

By the age of 20, Viennese physicist Wolfgang Pauli had acquired the reputation of being a wunderkind, a child genius. His PhD supervisor Arnold Sommerfeld had recruited him to write an article about Einsteinian relativity…

Paul Halpern

Physicist and science writer. Author of Synchronicity: The Epic Quest to Understand the Quantum Nature of Cause and Effect

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