When Albert Einstein Met H.G. Wells

Image credit: Getty Images; Albert Einstein (L), H.G. Wells (R) and German Minister Becker
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Falcorian.
Image credit: Spacetime Society, via http://www.spacetimesociety.org/minkowski.html.
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons user Maschen, with different observers marking different times and different spatial locations. Yet the spacetime interval remains invariant (see below).
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons user SEWilco.
Image credit: Maurice Quentin de La Tour.
Image credit: Fair Use image obtained by Wikimedia Commons user DASHBot.
Image credit: author unknown; of H.G. Wells, circa 1918.
Images credit: New York Times (R) / Illustrated London News (L), 1919.
Image credit: ©Ullstein Bild / VOSTOCK Photo. Einstein (at left) is seated next to Minister Becker, H.G. Wells and Löbe, at far right.
Image credit: Album cover for “Remember your humanity, and forget the rest”: The Russell-Einstein Manifesto and the Pugwash Movement, via http://pw20c.mcmaster.ca/nuclear-disarmament.



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Paul Halpern

Paul Halpern


Physicist and science writer. Author of Synchronicity: The Epic Quest to Understand the Quantum Nature of Cause and Effect